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June 16 - 19th, 2022

This call goes out to men in a position of power, creative decision-makers, those who are open enough to feel the transformation happening in society. 

Our English speaking RETREAT is aimed at men who want to awaken their masculine power and creativity. Here you experience yourself as a man in a positive, empowering community of men.


Since we are in the moment of a massive social shift the unhealthy social structure starts to shake. Women claim their rights and demand a new order. A crisis of masculinity has been announced. We see a chance for growth here and want to share our clear vision of what can be seen as healthy masculinity.

How can we support a social change and still enjoy the positive sides of our nature?
We want you to (re)connect to your masculinity as a source of power and creativity. We want you to have a clear vision that you can follow like a map and wish to create a network of men empowering each other. Together share some simple practices, that you can implement in your everyday life. You will get impulses for self-knowledge, exchange ideas and make experiences that are not possible in mixed groups. You will have authentic contact with yourself and other men. Motivated, powerful and aware of your “positive” masculinity, you will purposefully go your way after the workshop, your way to your summit. It’s time!


Do you know these questions?

  • What do you talk about with other men?
  • Do you have a connection to your masculine power?
  • Are you clearly following your vision? Do you have one?
  • Where do you position yourself as a man in society, in your family, your partnership or in
  • Do you experience your private environment and other men as sources of strength?

We men, will look at these questions and other individual issues and find solutions. We explore what is masculine, powerful and delicate within us. In the community among men we experience our vitality and our physicality. There is a greater awareness of you in your role as husband, friend, father and son.


We meet in action, passion, intuition and silence with the help of a variety of methods: active meditation techniques, breath work, guided meditations, shamanic body work, discussion groups, elements of martial arts, vision work, creative expression and much more.
Most importantly, it will be alive and you will have fun.

Workshop language.

union jack 


Target group.

This retreat is right for you if…

  • you identify as a man
  • you want to deal with yourself and your masculinity in a safe space
  • you want more clarity and direction for your path
  • you want to get to know other men and experience male community.

The conditions.

The workshop requires normal physical and mental resilience and is aimed at men aged 21 to 65. Due to the personality and body-oriented approach, the workshop is very intensive and demands your full concentration and commitment. A bit of courage and openness are part of it, but all exercises and activities are always voluntary!

The organization.

  • Period: 3.5 days
  • Arrival on Thursday, meeting at 17:00.
  • Workshop times on Friday and Saturday: 8 a.m. to approx. 7 p.m., each with breaks.
  • Departure: Sunday, around 3 p.m.
  • You will receive details of the procedure and a small task for optimal preparation in advance.
  • Number of participants: minimum 10, maximum 13 men.


It's a beautiful location in Brandenburg about 1 Km from Berlin:

Haus Birnbaum, Bergstraße.22, 14550 Groß Kreutz


EUR 1.300, net, including meals and accommodation.

Once your registration has been received and confirmed, a deposit of EUR 300 must be paid.

If you have any questions about the retreat, we are happy to telephone call with you in advance.
We look forward to hearing from YOU.



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